Adaptable Software for the Scientific Equipment Sector

Software for the Scientific Equipment Industry is built from the ground up to be equipment centric. The solution has been designed specifically for high value / high volume scientific and lab equipment. The field of scientific equipment can be diverse and challenging. We've built MYS by listening to our customers and ensuring the product perfectly meets the business process needs of our clients.

Scientific equipment is highly sensitive and requires accurate and reliable servicing, data collection and analysis. MYS has been tested to the highest IEEE requirements to ensure it preforms flawlessly within the scientific and lab equipment industries.

Our equipment centric product enables you to undertake work on multiple assets on a single job. To record all information regarding this work on a per asset basis and invoice accordingly.

"There are not many solutions capable of dealing with the complexities of our industry. We were extremely surprised to find one at such a fantastic price point. MYS is extensive, easy to use and very responsive. The icing on the cake was the phenomenal QuickBooks sync."

– West Coast Scientific