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Planned Maintenance
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Auto Scheduling


Like a well oiled machine

Our advanced scheduling and jobs management offers a fast and easy way to search, edit and book jobs. This is extended with the ability to rapidly manage recurring planned maintenance work and service customers job requests. Our workflow enables you to complete your entire business process, ensuring everyone who needs to be, is kept informed of progress. MindYourService.com offers advanced functionality such as auto scheduling (distance based) and provides the user with a list of jobs within close geographical proximity to the one being booked in. Our customers see up to a 30% increase in scheduling efficiency and reduce their expenditure by avoiding unnecessary trips, booking jobs closer together and optimizing the assignment of users to jobs through the use of GPS technology.

Rolling in it

As a direct result of becoming more efficient through the use of MYS, you can book more jobs and invoice for more work. It’s hard to quantify exactly how many 'more' jobs you can complete using MindYourSerice.com, essentially because it depends on the particular industry and how efficient you already are. You can rest assured however, that you are getting enterprise grade technology that’s simple to use and is capable of delivering more results than traditional service software offerings. This is due to a modern user interface and use of cloud / mobile technology. Using MindYourService.com you should expect to see at least a 20% increase in income from your service operation.

Say goodbye to errors

With such a high volume of jobs being processed in a service operation it can become very difficult (virtually impossible) to filter out all mistakes and errors, examples of which might include; lost paperwork, incorrect parts used, incorrect job assignment, inaccurate job detail capture and lack of evidence for work done. Before using MindYourSerivce.com some customers had errors rates as high as 1 in 3. MindYourService.com completely overcomes these issues offering you a virtually error free operating environment. Imagine the increased revenue and cost savings you could achieve from just reducing errors.

Awesome customer service

By combining a reduction in errors, real-time processing of paperwork, more efficient scheduling and alert based workflows, with MYS you will exponentially improve your customer service levels. Now you can act pro-actively towards customers rather than reactively. Thus, substantially reducing stress and enabling you to concentrate on your core competencies.