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Smell what sells

MindYourService.com provides service centric customer and site management. The solution enables an end user to view every linked element of a customer or site. These elements such as job, quote and service history, combined with our advanced reporting module gives MYS users the ability to prioritise and protect the most valuable accounts. It also enables sales staff to gain insight into which products and services are performing best and in what volume and to which type of client.

Identifying patterns

With MindYourService.com you are able to view all customer and site history from a single view. Historical tracking enables you to keep a date and time based log of predefined interactions or manual historical entries. This is extremely useful in being able to identify buying pattern, fault patterns and recurring customer service issues etc.

Remote staff productivity

MindYourService.com provides reliable access to all the customer and activity information via smartphones and tablets, thereby reducing communication times and streamlining field and office information sharing.

Customer service levels

Become more pro-active in your approach to customer service with MindYourService.com. A key feature that aids in the facilitation of a pro-active approach is the MindYourService.com customer self-service portal. Using our innovative customer portal you can grant your clients’ access to MindYourService.com. The benefit of this is that your clients can pro-actively create breakdown jobs, access/ print work sheets and manage their own assets.