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Fits your culture

At MindYourService.com we believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Many service software packages are forced to provide customization and configuration at a very high cost. MindYourService.com can be configured in a matter of hours and offers a tailored experience at a low price. Terminology and labels throughout the solution can be customized to fit your company culture, thereby increasing employee take up and easing transition from existing systems.

Keep everyone informed

Many service businesses share a similar communication workflow. MindYourService.com enables its users to automatically send out emails and SMS messages at a range of trigger points. This automated alerting ensures that everyone is kept informed in real-time and facilitates pro-active business operation.

Connect to everything

MindYourService.com does a lot more than most service software packages, but it doesn’t do everything! You may have an accounts, payroll, HR, CRM or some bespoke software you’d like to link to MindYourService.com. The good news is we already support a number of connections to these types of systems. In addition, we provide a full web based API to facilitate custom connections. The benefit is obvious, you can automate your entire business across all departmental functions.

Control access

User access in MindYourService.com is extremely powerful! MYS customers can control access to all aspects of the solution at an individual user level and also add an additional layer of control and accountability by controlling the functionality that each user and department has access to. This also assists with data protection compliance and helps keep your sensitive data out of the hands of the competition.