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Real-time invoicing

Modern software is all about 'real-time' and this is never more important than when invoicing. With MindYourService.com you can invoice as soon as work is complete. The time it takes to go from job to invoice is just a matter of seconds. This reduces existing delays in sending invoices and enables you to receive payments in the shortest possible time frame.

Quote to invoice and back again

MindYourService.com is a complete service solution taking you from quote to invoice with minimal manual intervention. Nothing is lost, errors are reduced, paperwork is no longer required, there is a full audit trial and you receive payments in the shortest time frame possible.

Automated charging

A highly complex part of any service business is accurately charging for time and expenses. Correctly communicating labour rates between the job and invoice, plus calculating them accurately based on a wide range of factors can be both time consuming and frustrating. MindYourService.com enables you to charge based on a wide range of rates, schedules of rates and fixed pricing. The solution automatically applies contract rates, which apply to both charge out rates and parts. To complete this automated billing process, MindYourService.com has the ability to push orders and invoices into your chosen accounting system.

Predictive purchasing

Most often proactive purchasing is completely overlooked by service organizations. They tend to order parts reactively for jobs and hold more in stock than is required. MindYourService.com will look at all future work, see which parts are going to be required, take into account lead times and then suggest purchase orders based on future requirement. This will reduce surplus stock and increase customer service levels, ensuring you are always able to satisfy jobs and meet delivery times.