Reduce IT Overhead

Servers and their maintenance can be a costly overhead. eliminates the need for servers due to its cloud based architecture. We host MYS for our clients on super-fast and extremely secure Rackspace cloud servers.

“We were planning on buying a database server with Windows and SQL Server licensed and a separate web server to use for our service software, which would have cost in the region of 17 thousand. With we didn’t need this infrastructure! Even better it only cost us 17 thousand for everything software and hosting for 5 years!!”

We take the responsibility for server maintenance, backups and hardware costs. We advise our potential customers to factor in the cost of hardware when looking to buy any locally installed solution.

Streamline Processes

A service business generally has a number of disparate processes that can be the cause of significant delays. Take for example, a field worker completing onsite paperwork and it taking days or weeks to get back to the office for processing. Or perhaps, a customer requesting a job and it taking hours/ days to be booked in. These lengthy processes can have a negative affect on productivity, cash flow and customer confidence. helps streamline your entire business process and in certain circumstances can completely remove the aforementioned issues.

"As a business we complete a large number of jobs per day. As we grew keeping up with paperwork and customer requests was becoming virtually impossible. helped us completely overcome these issues and consequently enabled us to grow more rapidly." - Safety Screens Ltd

Holistic Solution

At we believe you should not have any more than 3 business management solutions running and integrated. This is why we endeavor to supply a holistic service solution. We supply virtually everything with the exception of accounting software. To provide the ERP/ accounting software link we include an extremely comprehensive data sync solution to most ERP/ accounting software packages. This gives you freedom of choice to use the ERP/accounting software that suits you best. This means from GPS tracking to ERP integration you are left without process gaps. We even supply the servers and can recommend mobile hardware, if required.

Our clients benefit from reduced hardware costs, only having to maintain a maximum of two business software solutions, 24/7 one-stop support and real-time reporting across their entire business.

Rapid Setup

Almost all mid-market/ enterprise service software solutions take weeks to months to setup. is built to be different! We boast setup times from 3 hours to 3 days for basic to medium complexity clients. We convert all your paperwork for you, import existing data, link to your existing accounting/ ERP software and train your end users.

This rapid setup enables us to be extremely flexible with pricing and enables our clients to adopt the system at a very low risk and cost.

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