Increase Revenue

Imagine if your engineers did 3 more jobs per day, your admin staff completed paperwork in a fraction of the time, you billed accurately for every part and charge, there were no payment disputes, you only held the stock you required and you increased your customer base by 25% year on year?

Many of our current customers are already experiencing some or all of the above results.

“Our Engineers are doing 25% more work, our admin staff are now pro-active and our customers are much happier, thank you” – Dave Hemsley, DH Electrical Ltd enables its users to:-

  • 1. Manage jobs more effectively in regards to charge out times, job sheet completion and parts management.

  • 2. All paperwork is collected electronically onsite, thus enabling your administrative staff to simply verify the details and with just one click, email them straight to the client.

  • 3. Photographic, signature and GPS coordinate evidence can be collected onsite to ensure that client disputes are kept to a minimum.

  • 4. Predictive stock and accurate ordering enables you to reduce stock overhead and right offs.

Reduce Cost

With engineers receive work orders and electronic forms on their tablet or mobile device. Included in these items are parts, charges, assets, documents etc. Through the use of mobile technology field engineers have the parts they need when they require them, they know which asset they are working on and have relevant manuals available at the touch of a button.

"Having this type of information to hand eliminates unscheduled trips back to the office and enables our engineers to be more productive. We have just started using barcoding of parts and assets to speed this process up even further." - Karen Charlesworth, Mark Bayley Ltd

Knowing exactly how much stock you currently have and the amount required in the future, enables you to reduce the cost of reserved stock in the warehouse.

Invoice Immediately enables its users to invoice their clients immediately. Essentially we enable a user to go from completing a job using a mobile device to invoicing within a matter of seconds!

Immediate invoicing can have a huge impact on your cashflow, thus making funds available faster allowing you to grow your business.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Let’s face it your customers are the most valuable asset you have. Their satisfaction levels directly impact on the success of your business. delivers a large array of functionality that can vastly improve customer relations.

MYS provides an online customer portal, sleek mobile applications, automated emailing of work orders and forms, real-time invoice generation, SMS alerts, advanced GPS scheduling and much more. Combining these features enables huge improvements in customer satisfaction, which ultimately results in more business and more revenue.

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