Fully Cloud is hosted at Rackspace and available via your web browser. We offer 99.9% uptime and a unique caching service that allows you to complete any task in MindYourService even if you do not have an internet connection, syncing when the connection is restored. Cloud hosting enables you to access MindYourService from virtually anywhere, without the need for your own servers. Setting it up will only take a few hours, not days or weeks.

Super Simple to Use

Using some of the world's foremost user experience experts we have crafted a powerful and simple software application. Almost all the operations of the solution are available within to clicks. We utilise an application grade programming platform that is available via your web browser. This platform technology overcomes the restrictions found in most web based applications to offer a truely unique experience.

End-to-end Solution

Personalised setup experience + Rugged devices + GPS tracking + Integration with accounts software + Customer portal = a complete service software solution.

Paper Forms and Worksheets Converted to Electronic Format

Job sheets, invoice templates and certificates can be varied in design, size, and intended use. offers a flexible forms designer that allows you to complete forms over the phone and in the field via your mobile devices. These electronic data capture forms can then be generated as PDF documents for later use.

Pay as You Go

Our pricing model is based on a per user/ per month subscription. Giving you vast amounts of flexibility as your business expands.

Rapid Setup and Configuration

  • MYS is built to be extremely simple to use and setup. Our expert support team is on hand to help you through the process. We are happy to introduce you to a local MYS expert if required.

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